Personal Coaching Sessions

Who is it for?

You! As a Personal Wellbeing Coach I can help you to create your personalised wellbeing plan.

Coaching is about enabling you to move forward in a way that works best for you.

Fit and well?

If you are fit and well, Wellbeing Coaching can help you to live a better, more fulfilled life and enhance prevention of future health problems.

It will give you a toolkit to manage life's inevitable challenges and change.

Living with a long-term medical condition?

As a clinician with many years experience, I have the skills to enable you to move forward with life. Learn to live life to the full despite symptoms of ill health.

Many people who live with medical conditions are tired of raking over the same negative thoughts and beliefs. Wellbeing Coaching can give you the tools to break these cycles to make the most of life.

I have a particular interest in helping those living with persistent pain.

Don't let distance prevent you from contacting me – I am available for coaching via Skype wherever you live in the world.

Please contact me for details.