Whole-person Health

I have been a passionate advocate for a whole-person approach to health since I experienced it working at a Swiss Medical Rehabilitation Spa in the late 70s.

At the time, as a physiotherapist, I was more of a body mechanic than true 'therapist'. It was only when I began working in Switzerland that I realised there were so many more dimensions to 'being well' than simply addressing symptoms.

What do I mean by whole-person health?

It's about considering everything that goes on in your life – your mind, body, spirit, environment, culture, relationships, background, even the quality of your social interaction. Each can influence your wellbeing in a significant way. Each can change your thoughts, behaviours, feelings, how you react to life's inevitable challenges or recover from ill health, even your body chemistry and your brain's wiring.

Life, stress and disease are multi-faceted so it follows that to be successful in the longer term any approach to 'being well' needs to consider all the influencing issues.

You have the power to facilitate positive neuroplastic / bioplastic change. You have the power to change your own body chemistry, even your brain's hard wiring.

That's such and exciting future to look forward to.