About me

I became a Personal Wellbeing Coach through a gradual realisation that there are very many people who could benefit from having someone to talk to about their health and wellbeing.

Even if you have a good knowledge about health matters it's still helpful to talk to an uninvolved outsider who can guide you through what can often be a confusing jungle of information and misinformation clouded by emotion. I can help you clarify your personal way forward.

Most of us wish to live 'well'. To do that effectively each of us needs to take responsibility for our own wellbeing. It's not something that simply 'happens' to the 'lucky' few.

Wellbeing isn't about positive thinking it's about having the tools and resilience to deal with life's inevitable challenges. It's about developing your personal feelgood core that will enable you to stay afloat through life's storms. It's about lifelong learning, seeking new skills and experiences, sharing with others, growing supportive social contacts
– the whole-person approach to life.

I am passionate about supporting people along this journey whether they are fit and well or learning to live with a long-tem medical condition.

My background as a physiotherapist with many years experience enables me to combine coaching with my medical knowledge to help individuals develop a personalised wellbeing plan.

Everyone does better with the right support. Use the articles and books on this blog to enhance your knowledge and please get in touch for personal coaching sessions available via Skype wherever you live in the world.

Please get in touch. I can be of help.